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Dr. Primitivo de la  Quintana 

Head of the Comprehensive Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery service, Hospital Quiron Málaga, Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar.

The interconnection between the specialties of oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry and orthodontics within hospitals is seen as a great advance and a necessity by experts, as it is the way to provide complete assistance to patients without leaving the same center. This is the case of the Comprehensive Dental and Maxillofacial Service present at Hospital Quirón Málaga, Málaga Medical Center. Hospital Quirón Marbella, Quirón Fuengirola Medical Center. Quirón Campo de Gibraltar Hospital and its Algeciras Medical Center: The same care with all the diagnostic and therapeutic options for the entire Andalusian coast. It is the first service of its kind in Andalusia, positioning itself as the most complete for the diversity of pathologies it treats and the treatments it offers, as well as for the large number of specialists present in the four cities. It is the private service in Spain that covers the largest area and population.

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