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It is the speciality within odontology that deals with dental deformities form young age to adults that apart from being not aesthetic can lead to wrong biting and wrong using of teeth with long term problems in the future


How do I know if I need orthodontic treatment?


Just an experienced orthodontist can make a good accurate diagnose of the dental deformities base don clincal study, dental models, x-rays and photographies. Depending on the type of pathology the doctor may offer one kind of treatment or another may be the common braces or later invisible splints.

You may probably need orthodontics:


  • Overbite: top teeth fall and eclipse totally over the lower.
  • Cross bite: teeth don’t match sideways correctly.
  • Open bite: there are spaces between lower and upper teeth when biting .




Odontólogos/as Especialista en Ortodoncia.

Francisco Moreno. Ricardo Lucas. Jessica Salas.

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