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It is the Branch of the odontology that treats de childs from newborn till 14 years age. The doctor will explore the patient and find out if there are deformities or infections than can lead to later severe pathologies. Therefore it is crucial to bring the child to an appointment with doctor from 1 year old , though it may appear too early that’s the way it is . during childhood it´s parents and doctors commitment to keep their kids with no dental pathologies by check ups with the odontopediatric dentist and to educate them with dental hygiene habits





In our hospital we´ve got general anesthesia for the cases that may require it, either because the child is too young, have any other pathology that requires general anesthesia or disabled childs.

All treatments are intented to be carried on in the cabinet but some have to be done in the surgical theater. In that case we might say that we are the only ones around the region with the capability to do so with all the quality and security along with quironsalud group




First visit to the odontopediatric

It is recommended between the 1 and 2nd year age. 1 visit per year

In kids 5 years age, 2 visits per year are recommended

Complete exploration and parents education will be held to learn hygiene techniques and prevention





First theet to show: (milk teeth)

They will start to show up at 6 months age till 2-3 years

The usually come along with inflammation and moderate pain for the baby so he will be nervous, irritating, more salivating, rejecting food during those days

Parents may help with cold splints for biting that give them relief or just gently rubbing with a clean finger

Cleaning should be done with a wet gause by parents till the kid has his teeth out, time to start using brushes with the aid of parents, always 15 minutes the most after meals (important), 3 times a day, always with parental education







Will be done exactly as in adults, educations, fluoride cleanings root canals, fillings, extraction etc with /without general anesthesia.

Especialistas en Odontología Padiatrica

Elena Illana. Marianne Salas. Reyes Ramos.

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