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According to the international association of oral and maxillofacial surgeons our speciality within medicine involves surgical and non surgical tretaments of pathologies involving head, neck and oral cavity. From aesthetics, oral surgery, dental implants. Bone fractures, TMJ, salivary glands pathology, facial deformities and oncology.


  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Complicated extractions
  • Oral tumours
  • Gigantic cysts
  • Tongue pathologies
  • Lip reconstruction
  • Palatal pathology
  • Maxillary Sinus pathology
  • Sometimes sedation or general anesthesia in surgery theater is needed


SIMILAR SURGERY AS orthognatic surgery for facial deformities it includes along with the aid of an orthodontist the surgery to avoid chronical snorring that simple treatments cannot heal

Maxillary and mandibule movements are done to maximize airflow on the throat


These pathologies involve from inflamation due to a calcium little “stone”, parotiditis, submaxilitis etc to oncologic treatments.
Usully ned surgical tretament in surgery theather.




Working along oncologists, radiologists, ENT´s doctors, and sometimes neurosurgeons we carry on these pathologies that unaffortunately are quite common and severe and radical surgical treatment mostly

Good diagnosis is needed. MRI, biopsies, pet-scanner and every test will be held at the hospital prior to decide the type of surgery that the patient requires

We are used and have all main materials within the hospital to treat these patients, with general anesthesia, ICU units, specific pain control units, 24h nursery and experienced proffesionals.

Maxillary and mandibule movements as a team at the hospital along with orthodontists who make the actual plan to follow, (the amount and direction of milimeters to move the bones) we carry on these complex surgeries

By general anesthesia, using plates and screws, ICU units and supervision of at least 3 surgeons during the surgery






Due to all kinds of trauma. We use plates and screws from the best companies to assure the best outcome

Good diagnosis is imperative with good 3D scanner team

Tretaments need general anesthesia in surgery theater


Because os bruxism, abscense of teeth.. anyhow, tmj pain can be really severe and makes eating such a nightmare

Arthrocentesis (cleansing of the joint) is generally used by thraumatologists around the world to keep in good shape the joints as knee or hip. We don’t forget about de tmj which is so important and frequent nowadays preventing further arthrosis and pain

This treatment needs sedation in surgery theater

Along with phisiotherapists sessions on the tmj area and muscles

Bottox treatment (masticatory muscles)

Dental splints (odonthology)

The latest techniques in the treatments of dental implants are used. The quality of the implants is assured by quironsalud group who uses the same brand at all hospitals alltogether

Bone and tissue grafts are used as well if needed, sinus lift and complicated cases that may need zygomatic implants

The treatment plan is finished at the unit by the dentists (implant prosthesis attached to the implants) having discussed the case before and after as a team

The treatments may be done in surgical theater under sedation if wanted

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